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Web Design & Custom Built Websites

Web design and development of small, medium and large web sites. Made entirely custom and individually designed, 100% compatible with mobile and other smart devices.

If you need a corporate site, online store, corporate website, portal system or custom / boutique / website website for real estate, personal VIP site or just a small presentation site with better search results on Google and other search engines?
Please send us your request for quotation.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

We offer excellent search engine optization for a website. From one side we will working inside of the website - content, tags, images, links, semantic web, etc.. We will increase your website's speed loading. And, from another side we will working on the website popularity from outside (from the web).

Website Support

Full website support or partial technical support for your web site. Technical Support (24/7), partial or complete redesign of the website, updating the scripts and software, databases, full or partial renovation of an existing web site, its content and design.


Combine Italian fashion, French sophistication, English precision, Dutch flair, Scandinavian innovation and Balkan stubbornness when selecting a professional supplier of web services!

We claim that we have sufficient experience and knowledge in the field of web design, follow best practices, and we can deliver high quality services to Bulgarian and international market.

We have the expertise and resources to realize the best of what we are able to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for the product / service in the field of web design, web development and SEO optimization.

We can deliver quality services in terms of web hosting and domain name registration and maintenance of websites too.

Our main objective is to achieve the final results with maximum accessible services offered by us.

Thank you for choosing us!

Top Projects

We present the best results achieved by us.

Company website

Official Intertorgo Ltd website - custom developed company website for a good and reliable flooring and gardering products and services in Bulgaria.

Very good local SEO results through local search about gardering and flooring service provider.

Corporate Website

Bagger Hydraulik in sector corporate website rank first among our customers due to their professionalism and overall dedication to what they are really the most best on the market, namely repair and maintenance of hydraulic pumps and knots in a number of machines for construction, agriculture and other applications. Not randomly selected and representatives of Linde Hydraulics here in Plovdiv.

The project implementation includes not only design fully consistent with the official website of Linde Hydraulics, but making fully custom administration and publication of hydraulic components in stock, ready to be installed every need of appropriate hydraulics and component (hydraulic unit).

Online shop

In the "Online Store" ranks first made entirely custom website - online shop for a unique production of tricycles (hand made tricycles) by the company Ekotrayk in Plovdiv.

After numerous publications in his native press and in TV shows, even sometimes just charity, it is appropriate and we as developers on their official website to do properly their performance, because they deserve it with their creative thought - they are true innovators (and engineers) for us.

Custom built website

In developing fully customized websites best implemented our solution is the Darvolex® website which included a fully customized administration part.

Darvolex® is one of the best on the market innovative companies for the production of decking, based in Plovdiv.

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